The Same Band Boxed Set was assembled to provide Same Band members as complete a collection as possible of the band's various live performances, studio tapes, rehearsal cassettes and other recordings. The collection runs over twelve hours and forty minutes and spans 12 discs. It also includes a DVD with the "Boogie With The Same Band" movie, an 1.8 gigabyte archive of images and video, a 52-page photo album, ten custom guitar picks, and a mitre-joined wooden box with laser-engraved logotype on the lid. Shrinkwrapped and numbered. Only three of the sets will ever be sold, in order to recoup the substantial costs involved in assembling and giving out this lavish package to the band's members and closest friends.

The laser-engraved box includes:

  • The Same Band LP (1985) on CD (with 4 bonus cuts)
  • Unreleased Studio Tracks 1977-1980
    (with the 1978
    Radiation single included)
  • "Boogie With The Same Band" DVD
    (with bonus 1.8GB image/video data archive.)
  • Christmas Party 12/22/1977
  • Live at The Bowdoin Steakhouse 03/13/1978
  • Live at The Bowdoin Steakhouse 03/14/1978 (2-CD)
  • Live at The Bowdoin Steakhouse 06/20/1978 (2-CD)
  • The Reunion: Downtown Lounge 05/07/1980
  • Interview with Will Jackson 01/01/1979
  • Practice 02/12/1978 (with bonus track)
  • Practice 07/21/1978 (acoustic set)
  • 52-page full-color perfect-bound picture album, printed
    on 65# cover stock with 85# laminated cover
    (Bonus: the Will Jackson interview as it appeared in Sweet Potato in February of 1979)
  • Commemorative set of ten Same Band guitar picks.

Only three of these boxed sets will ever be sold. SOLD OUT

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The audio CD's were transcribed using Otari 5050BII and Marantz PMD500 playback decks with dbx 180 and Dolby B noise reduction where appropriate. Transcription through Neve 1084 equalizers and API Model 2500 Program Compressor to a Cranesong HEDD 192 24-bit Analog-Digital convertor. Monitored through Benchmark DA1 digital convertor and Meyer Sound HD-1 monitoring system. Edited and mastered using the SADiE IV Artemis system and burned in realtime to Plextor 8/20 drive. Duplicated 8X on a custom-configured tower using all-Plextor drives. Discs are 1200DPI inkjet printed and jewel-box inserts are 1200DPI color laser printed. The booklet was laser printed at incredible resolution by an outside vendor: it is indistinguishable in quality from an offset-printed art catalog.

Every set includes a bonus free copy of the new issue of Kapital Ink, with a 21-page illustrated Same Band interview!
The Same Band Boxed Set made the #2 position in Bulltongue's "Best of 2006" list.
Click here to view the article. Bulltongue is run by former Forced Exposure editor Byron Coley and Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore.